Sirius Industries

Sirius Industries, a prominent contractor for the United States Government and Department of Defense (DoD), has an impressive track record spanning over 23 years in the industry. With extensive corporate and executive experience as a DoD contractor, we have honed our expertise in various areas, including Engineering, Business Services, Software Development, and Program Management.

Systems Engineering

Our wide range of core competencies encompasses various disciplines within Systems Engineering. From Requirements Engineering to System Design, System Analysis to Risk Management, Verification and Validation to Configuration Management, we possess a comprehensive understanding of these crucial aspects. Furthermore, we have capabilities in System Integration and Testing, System Lifecycle Management, System Operation and Maintenance, as well as System Stakeholder Management.


Lifecycle Management   ♦   Program Support Services   ♦   Software Development   ♦   Enterprise Support Services   ♦   Technical Support 

Sirius Industries takes pride in its solid track record of successful engagements with the DoD. Our expertise shines in DBS Life cycle management, where we provide comprehensive support throughout the lifecycle of complex systems. Additionally, we excel in delivering Lifecycle Program Support Services, ensuring seamless program management and support. We have also been entrusted with providing Enterprise Support Services, enabling organizations to operate efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, our Technical Support services consistently offer invaluable assistance to our clients.

At Sirius Industries, our unwavering commitment is to achieve total mission success. We accomplish this by delivering timely, high-quality, and superior engineering and business services. Our operations prioritize excellence in every aspect, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of support to achieve their objectives.

When it comes to meeting your engineering and business service needs, choose Sirius Industries for unparalleled expertise, professionalism, and dedication. We are committed to delivering exceptional results and assisting you in accomplishing your goals.