Systems Engineering

Sirius Industries provides experienced systems engineering professionals who have the knowledge, skills, and discipline to exceed customer expectations in developing and sustaining complex systems.  Our team applies innovative, resourceful, and systematic strategies to function efficiently and complementary with cross-functional, multi-disciplinary (systems analysts, design specialists, test engineers, project managers), design, integration, debugging, and test highly sophisticated Systems and Electronic Warfare Systems. Systems Engineering solutions have been delivered in accordance with the DoD System Lifecycle Model in the Department of Defense (DoD).

Sirius Industries' commercial experience includes all phases of the Systems Engineering Life-cycle Model:

  • Pre-Acquisition (Concept Development) - Needs Analysis, Concept Exploration, and Concept Definition
  • System Acquisition (Engineering Development) - Advanced Development, Engineering Design, and Integration and Evaluation
  • Sustainment (Post Development)
  • Operations and Support

Life Cycle Management  ♦  Lifecycle Program Support Services  ♦  Enterprise Support Services ♦  Technical Support

Sirius Industries is a trusted industry leader that offers a range of multi-disciplined services to help clients manage their capital programs. Serving as an extension of our client’s staff, our program managers and business analysts provide expertise in handling a wide variety of projects, from capital planning through operations and sustainment.

Using a comprehensive program management approach, we integrate the different facets of the program management process—planning, design, acquisition,  and deployment—and provide technical and management expertise for each project. Whether it’s a multi-million defense system acquisition or a Defense Business System project, our team provides the personalized attention  with the extensive resources.


OperationsProduction Management

Sirius industries offers the administration of effective business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within DoD projects.  Our teams balance costs to achieve the highest return on investment. We ensure that business operations are continually efficient by using the optimal resources required to meet customer demands. We are focused on managing processes that transform inputs (e.g., materials, components, energy, and labor) into outputs (e.g., products and services).

We handle and manage various strategic issues:

  • Determining the size of manufacturing plants
  • Project management methods; implementing structure of information technology networks
  • Management of inventory levels
  • Raw materials acquisition
  • Quality control
  • Materials handling
  • Maintenance policies

Satellite Operations

Commercial satellite operations and maintenance for the nation's most important DoD programs.

Sirius Industries has performed on a team of world-class engineering professionals that operated a prestigious series of satellites while providing industry leading solutions.  Personnel have worked in fast paced 24/7 operations environments in perhaps one of the most rewarding and exciting areas of satellite development and operations.

The team can support all aspects of operations including the ever-changing world of tasking requirements to the actual commanding of individual satellites:

  • Ensuring spacecraft tasking and planning provides error fee output that  reduces the risk of faulting any of the spacecraft.
  • Performing in-contact spacecraft commanding and state of health assessments to ensure health and safety of the spacecraft is maintained.
  • Performing out-of-contact spacecraft telemetry trending and analysis to ensure continued health and safety of the spacecraft out of view of a ground station
  • Maintaining an awareness and comprehension of system changes ensuring operational compliance.
  • Following guidelines established in procedures and checklists and reporting operational checklist deficiencies.

Financial Services

Sirius Industries has a track record and proven commercial experience in federal government financial services as detailed by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).  Our specialized project professionals have decades of leadership experience in government finance and program management and deliver consistent, measurable and sustainable results to our clients at every level of government.